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Your home may very well be beautiful, but if you describe it as such to potential buyers, you're hardly being original.

Good looking house for saleAccording to data compiled online, "hardwood floors" is the most common word or short phrase used in Canadian real estate listings, followed by "beautiful" and "stainless steel appliances."

Point2Homes scanned its approximately 40,000 Canadian home listings to discover which words are used most often to attract buyers to properties, creating a snapshot of the features they felt are most important - whether they appeal to our aesthetic or aspirational senses, or to more mundane concerns such as appliances and location.

The company also released provincial and regional breakdowns to the National Post, highlighting different

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Curb Appeal for your homeA simple welcome mat and a mailbox bearing your name just won't cut it.

Making your home's entryway both hospitable and a clear statement of who lives inside means starting at the walkway or even the curb, proceeding to the porch, carrying through the front door and continuing all the way into the foyer.

This movement from public toward private space prepares visitors, albeit subconsciously, for who and what to expect inside. So, how do you manage those expectations?


When planning your front yard, start with the walkway, says Mary-Anne Schmitz of Gardening by Design (gardeningbydesign.ca). Making it wide enough to allow two people to walk side by side (meaning 4½ to six feet) makes visitors feel welcome.

Home pathway"If you

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You'd buy a sweater on impulse, but when it comes to buying a home it's all about calm deliberation, right?

You might be surprised.

The psychology of home buyingPrice, square footage, location: "All that can be trumped by the visceral reaction of seeing a home," says June Cotte, who teaches marketing at Western University's Ivey Business School.

"Smells, colours, sounds you can hear inside or from the outside - you might not be aware of them, but they can have an influence."

The layout may even subliminally remind you of the home of a former boyfriend, says Cotte. That can have a positive or negative emotional impact on how you perceive a home that's for sale.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Advertising Research in 2002 said emotions can be twice as

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Selling a home in the springThe spring housing market, despite the best efforts of weather gods, is budding.

A new crop of sellers is preparing for a crowd of eager buyers. Benignly neglected imperfections - a wayward cable cord, the wine stain that never fully came out of the carpet, holes in the wall where the kid gate used to be - shout out accusingly: You should have fixed me a long time ago! A perfectly serviceable kitchen, updated only yesterday, suddenly looks like a set from The Golden Girls. That basement bathroom may scare small children.  

Time to quit fantasizing about all the money to be made on a bidding war and start to think about how much to spend.

While there are no hard and fast formulas, a good realtor will be able to take a look and make

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As tax season approaches, now is the time to educate yourself on some of the lesser-known tax deductions and credits you might qualify for.

Tax and your moneyThat’s especially true if you want to save some money or score a return. Here are six surprising options that could score you some major money.

Employment expenses

Many people think that only self-employed individuals can deduct work expenses on their tax returns, but that’s actually not the case. If you are salaried or commissioned and your employer requires you to pay expenses to earn your employment income, you can deduct those costs.

The following qualify and can be deducted under employment expenses on line 229 of your tax return:

  • Accounting and legal fees (applies to commission income only)
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For most of us, buying a home is the largest, most complex purchase we’ll ever make.

Kamloops Home InspectionWhole industries and sub-industries have formed to help ease the understandable anxiety we endure before we sign on the dotted line to close a deal: real estate brokerages, real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, property inspectors. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of things for us, and it’s not always clear what we should expect from each.

Home inspectors might be the most interesting of the lot. Home show king Mike Holmes has been dining out on a line for years: “The home inspection industry is like the Wild West — a lot of cowboys but not a lot of sheriffs.”

In order to protect consumers, British Columbia introduced mandatory licensing of home inspectors in

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Mortgage Terminology

To Understanding common Mortgage Terminology  we have to start with the basics:

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgageA mortgage is a word that has been in the English language since the late 1300s and comes from the French “mort,” which means “dead,” and “gage,” meaning “pledge.” Therefore, a mortgage, in the real sense of the meaning of the word, means that the security pledged to the mortgagee for the debt will be taken from him if he fails to pay the debt, and will, therefore, be “dead to him upon condition.” on the other hand, the mortgagee fulfills the obligation to pay the debt, the pledge is dead. Either way, something dies.

A dictionary definition is much simpler and tells us that a mortgage is a “temporary, conditional pledge of

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The current commodities crisis has opened a new avenue of home sales, the purchasing and selling of foreclosure property.

Buying a Kamloops ForeclosureThere can be profit in dealing with undervalued foreclosure property but there are pitfalls that must be taken into consideration. If your an investor and have the ability to make repairs/updates if needed on a foreclosure then maybe this is something that you should look at.Often houses that end up in foreclosure have a lot of "baggage" with them. Sometimes it can be a house that's not finished and will need more work, permits etc. to finish and some houses are left in a condition that make them unlivable.

With low interest rates at the moment there are opportunities for people to buy a foreclosed property but an experienced

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Choosing a realtorBuying or selling a home is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make. That is why it is important to choose the correct REALTOR® that will work to your benefit, to guard your equity and your future.

Which REALTOR® should you choose? Some people sign with the first REALTOR® that comes along, later, they realize they should have interviewed several people prior to signing. Not all REALTORS® are the same.

This will provide you with some selection criteria and some questions to ask. When you are choosing a lawyer, doctor or health care practitioner you would interview several people before you select an individual you are most comfortable with. The same rule applies to a real estate agent.

When it comes to your next home it makes

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Do you know what your credit rating is?

Check your credit scoreSo much rides on it: your ability to get a credit card, rent an apartment or buy a home. But how much do you really know about what goes into your credit score?

To try and demystify the elusive credit rating process, we spoke with the Paul Le Fevre, director of operations at Equifax Canada. The company processes tens of thousands of credit checks every day and has credit files on more than 24 million Canadians.

Le Fevre says he doesn’t know the “secret formula” of the credit scoring system, but he can reveal:

The five components that make up your credit score

1. Payment history: 35 per cent

Payment history“The biggest component in delivering a score is the payment history of that consumer,” Le Fevre explains. “So

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