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5 Tips To Sell A Home In Any Real Estate Market

Tips to sell your Kamloops homeSelling a home is all about being prepared to hit the market. An educated home seller is one who stands a far better chance of being successful than someone who is just flying by the seat of their pants. There is no question that selling a home can be a stressful event. If you are well prepared however, the stress level can be far more manageable.

Before even considering listing your home for sale you should have a clear understanding of your goals. Are you moving for a job? Have your outgrown your home? Is it a desire to have your kids in a better school system? Maybe you just want a lifestyle change? Whatever the reason you have for moving, you want to make sure you are well versed for what lies

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Rent or buy in Kamloops? That is the questionShould you rent or buy?

Conventional wisdom suggests it’s a no-brainer – buying real estate is a worthwhile investment with a high return.

Despite record low interest rates,  the sky high prices and carrying costs are causing many to rethink the allure of home ownership.


When you factor in the costs of repair, maintenance and other expenses associated with owning a home, Toronto-based financial planner Shannon Simmons argues that renting and putting saved money into another investment may earn more in the long run.

If you filled in a  questionnaire asking where you see yourself in 10 years, many would answer “buying/owning a house. Do you really care if you buy a house, but think you should? Lets look at both sides of the argument and

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No one gets married expecting divorce – yet it happens to many people all the same.

Selling a home in through divorce in KamloopsThe relationship between you and your spouse has ended and you need to move on. When you own a house together, this can create some real difficulties. You need to get your house sold so you can split the money and put an end to that part of your life.

When this situation arises, you need a real estate agent that is sensitive to the circumstance you find yourself in and that can effectively move your home no matter what the market looks like currently. You need a teammate that can sell your house now. Hiring a Realtor while going through divorce is an important consideration especially when the marital home is one of your largest assets.

How to pick a real estate

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From getting emergency cash to filing claims, here’s what to do

Even as first-responders continue to manage and control the wildfire situation in Fort McMurray, Alta., displaced residents continue to make a home in temporary accommodations set up in various cities and towns throughout southern Alberta. But as the situation stabilizes, questions pile up. Has my home burnt down? Will the smoke have caused irreprebable damage? Is my car still stuck, with an empty gas tank, on Highway 63?

To help, here are six steps to take if the wildfires have had a direct impact on you.

Step 1: There is no urgency, but emergency cash is available

For many homeowners, the biggest concern is whether or not the most expensive asset in their nest egg—their home—is

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Calgary AlbertaThe Calgary real estate market is in flux.

There have been recent warnings of a market correction, and now word that building permits on single-family and two-family homes fell 37.1 per cent in 2015.

Even with the recent downturn, buying a detached house in Calgary is still expensive. The average price last month was $526,758, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board.

For most in the city, their home is their single biggest investment and the one which matters most.

But whether you own a home or are considering buying or selling a home, recent market fluctuations and trying to figure out what comes next can be confusing.

Don Campbell is the senior analyst with the Real Estate Investment Network, and author of many books on buy and selling

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Kamloops Real Estate For SaleAre you preparing your home for sale and wondering if you should make any changes?

There are ways in which you can force equity back into your home, and make it more appealing to buyers. Just be careful not to overdo it and improve your house outside of the neighborhood price range!

The tips we will discuss in the article are low cost ways to net your more money on the sale of your home. If you’re preparing your home for sale you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to the tips in this article that will help you maximize the return on your investment!

Don't forget to call me at (250).319.5896 to discuss your home selling needs

Without further ado, here are…

Home Improvements to Increase Value

Cleaning your Home Before Listing it for Sale

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FSBO VS RealtorSelling your home is a big deal. Thinking of selling on your own?

Do you hire a Realtor, a discount brokerage, or do it yourself to receive top dollars? Before we continue, let’s get one thing straight, in any profession there is a dividing line between a true professional and the average Joe, and real estate is no exception. With the understanding that I’m speaking of the former, here are my thoughts.

Hiring a discount brokerage or doing it yourself is almost one in the same thing in my mind. For $500-$1000 you can have your listing posted on MLS through a discount brokerage and then you’re left to sea, just like doing it yourself minus the whole MLS thing. Here’s some food for thought:

Additional Legal Fees

Legal FeesYou pay more than normal to your

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Tips to sell your homeWhen buyers look at your home, you want them to focus on the features and upgrades.  You don't want to distract them with items that might offend or puzzle them.  

It's amazing how many times we show homes and the buyers will refer to one as "the one with the guns" or the "one with the pictures".  Granted, you're still living in the home but it's time to start packing up your personal items.  In many ways, packing is an important step in moving on with your life.  

Putting away as many of your knick knacks and personal items as possible is a must when getting your home ready to show.  On top of getting rid of clutter, there are some items that should not be left for buyers to see.

Things Buyers Shouldn't See When Viewing Your Home

Hide away your gunsGuns and

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Dont let your agent upsell youHigh end restaurants train their staff to "up-sell" diners.

 It starts with the designer water.  The server may continue to suggest the higher priced appetizers, entree and wines.  The restaurant and the server make more money if you run up a big tab.  Some top restaurants hold training classes to teach the staff how to recommend the more expensive items.  They seldom recommend the less expensive item if you ask for an opinion.

Car dealers and department stores are also good at upselling consumers.  Buyers worry that Realtors will work the same.  This is one reason buyers are cautious about letting a Realtor know they're looking to buy.  Here are some tips to help you establish and stay with a reasonable budget when buying your home.



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Buying a home in Kamloops this SpringSpring can be the busiest season for buying and selling homes.

The rising temperatures and Spring flowers make it a pleasant time for house hunting.  It's good timing for families who want to move at the end of the school year.  There are good articles about "Selling" your home in the Spring.  Here are some tips for home buying in the Spring Real Estate market.

1 - No Surprise here - Hire a Good Realtor.  I know.  Everyone is tired of blogs that talk about how you need to hire a Realtor. Top Kamloops Realtor How they'll hold your hand through the process and they'll save you money.  No need to repeat all of that. Fact is, you can search homes for sale online. Some of the ones you see may still be available.  Some sites will let you see homes after they went into

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