Real Estate Selling Facts & Tips in Kamloops BC

Posted by Steve Harmer on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 2:18pm.

Kamloops Real Estate MarketGetting ready to sell your home in Kamloops?

Here are a few real estate tips to think about before you do.

Know your local Real Estate Market –  What are the driving forces in the current Kamloops real estate market? If you do not know, make sure your Realtor knows, if they do not know, find one who does. The focus in Real Estate always has and always will be local, and in order to sell your home, it is vital to know what the local trends here in Kamloops are.

There is nothing convenient about selling a home – You're going to have to get your home ready to sell. You're going to have to do some packing. Your normal living schedule will be interrupted by prospective buyers. The upfront knowledge that you are going to be inconvenienced once you have decided to sell your home will make the home selling process a lot easier to handle.

Smelly homes sell for less money – There is nothing worse than a home smelling of pets, smoking or evening cooking. If you're a smoker, plan well in advance to take your smokes outside to freshen up your home's interior. Maybe you adore foods with very pungent and lingering spices, these dishes should be put on hold until after you sell and move out of your house. If you have carpeting where pets have had an accident or two, replacing the carpet would be advisable. 

Closing date is move out date – When that closing date comes around, all of your things must be packed up and gone, leaving behind a clean house for the buyers to move into once they are given the key. You will not be able to stay a few days after closing to finish a few things.Kamloops Real Estate Tips for selling

Photographs and Videos sell homes – Over 90% of buyers start the search for their home online. They want to see the home, not read about it. They want to see high-quality photos and videos.

A clean, uncluttered home sells – Perhaps one of the greatest payoffs to home selling will be the time you spend cleaning and decluttering your home.

Buyers must be able to envision themselves living in your home – When you have decided to sell your home in Kamloops, your home needs to appear that it could welcome any family. Begin your packing when you list your house, remove the memories on display and the odds and ends that say YOU live here. Make your home easy for buyers to picture themselves living there.

Maintained homes sell for more money – A well-maintained home provides a sense of well-being to a prospective buyer. They can imagine that the home has been cared for and that it hopefully will not cause them too many worries down the road. Red flags are few with a well-maintained home compared to a home that appears to not have been kept up. This comes with a price tag that results in a buyers willingness to pay more for a well-maintained home.

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