Kamloops Real Estate ReferralsWhat exactly is a real estate referral anyway?

A referral is the act of sending someone to another person for help, advice, etc.

Referrals are one of the pillars of my business. It is also one of the biggest compliments one can receive!

Over the years much of my business has come from referrals. Giving prompt, efficient and sincere attention to the needs of all my clients has earned me the reputation of being a realtor that customers and fellow realtors can trust and rely on.

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Many of my friends and clients refer people they know to me, people who are looking to sell or wanting to buy a property in the near future. Word-of-mouth is a very integral part of my business, so I thank you for the vote of confidence!  You can be rest assured any referral will be treated with the utmost care and service!  Drop me an email to let me know if you are referring someone so I can thank you.  

I Am Never too Busy for Your Referrals! Kamloops Real Estate Customer Referral

Can you think of a friend or family member I can help in real estate?  Please Don't Keep me A Secret! Call me (250).319.5896

Referral Appreciation Program
For all referrals that result in a client purchasing or selling a property, I will be happy to provide a Referral Reward.

As a thank you for referring your friends, family and co-workers, we offer a few types of rewards for both you and the person you referred to us for their real estate needs.  Simply make sure the person you referred mentions that you sent them to us and we will send you a Gift Card of your Choice as an incentive for your referral.

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In the Trade?

If you are a trades person or have a business related to real estate, please do two things:

a) Join my network!  Go to my Social Media Network and join or contact me directly to add you to my business directory. 
b) Email me about my Real Estate Referral Appreciation Program.  I welcome any referrals from you and hope to build a long-term referral network with you.  The most successful referral partnerships go both ways!

"what goes around”, we have all said it and we know that if you give it flows back you abundantly. My goals are to network, share business ideas with friends, to connect and share: support, intelligence and knowledge. We hope that your business will benefit because at the end of the day business still comes down to REAL CONNECTIONS!