Kamloops Real Estate App

Real estate technology is constantly evolving

We live in a world that's dominated with smartphones, tablets, and overall being connected. So why not have an app that knows where you are and shows you property and real Estate listings in Kamloops live? Well now there is.

A Better User Experience

We at Kamloops Property For Sale want you to have the best experience you can to find a home in Kamloops or to get the information you need to sell your Kamloops Real Estate. You want a convenient way to search for homes, our goal is to provide our potential and existing clients with the best possible home search experience. It's also FREE!Kamloops Property for Sale

The Kamloops Property For Sale app is a tool that connects you directly to available inventory in your search area.

The app also offers a host of extra features to users, including various map and search tools, augmented reality functionality, list sorting, and more. And all of this comes packaged in an easy-to-use interface.

You can download our Real Estate app from Apple or Google. Click below to install on your device or search for Kamloops Property in either of the app stores. IF you want to go direct to your store click on the QR code for your store. Download now

 Kamoops Real Estate iOS appiOS Real Estate App

 Kamloops Real Estate Android AppAndroid Real Estate App


Why a Kamloops Real Estate app?

Why choose a RealtorConsider that even the best mobile websites are a compromise. A mobile site takes all of the information from a desktop website and adapts it as best as possible for smaller screens and touch interactions. The end result is an information-heavy experience, full of detail and distractions.

But because mobile apps are optimized for mobile devices they can forego a lot of the detail expected on a desktop or mobile site. Mobile app users don't expect or need to find a home buyer's guide, or company biographies, or detailed neighborhood descriptions. Instead, people using real estate apps just want to search for homes in the most convenient way possible.

So does it help me with these tasks?

  • Does it help me save time?
  • Does it help me find the home I am looking for?
  • Does it help me stay organized?
  • Does it improve communication / reduce stress?
  • Am I more likely to find the home I want and not miss out?

How does it do that?

For the most part, the App is a buyer's tool. It connects directly to our MLS data feed and provides access directly to available inventory in a native environment (iOS and Android). 

Buyers will love the convenience of the well-designed interface, map search (Polygon / Radius). You will be wowed and excited to show off the upcoming Augmented Reality functionality, and you will be sold by the collaborative tools like notes, listing sorting and more. And of course, with notifications, you will be instantly notified on your device (that thing you look at hundreds of times per day!) when a new listing hits the feed. 

So, back to our list. I think we can safely say the buyers will love / use it. 

  • Does it help me save time? Yes
  • Does it help me find the home I am looking for? Yes
  • Does it help me stay organized? Yes
  • Does it improve communication / reduce stress? Yes
  • Am I more likely to find the home I want and not miss out? YES!

 Download and try it today!

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