Kamloops Real Estate PhotographyPhotography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today.

The market is always tough and the demand for high quality photography for your home sale is higher than ever. With the vast majority of searches being performed online (95% of home buyers are starting there search online) having a great photo can make the difference between being on a buyers list of houses to see or not.

Here at Kamloops Property for Sale Architecture photography in BCwe use a professional service that will make your listing stand out from the rest. Have you ever seen pictures that seem dark, the TV is on in the photos, the toilet seat is up and others. The improvements that we have all seen with with mobile phones and small compact cameras are huge and they now take great pictures but nothing compares to a professional photographer who can give you a set of stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos of your home.

Many factors come into play and I always make sure I have my clients satisfaction at the top of the list. If the seasons change (weather, snow etc.) I will always arrange a re-shoot of the property. If the home owner changes anything with the property (paint, new carpets, staging etc.) I will always recommend another set of pics.

Rest assured that displaying your home in the best way possible is to all our benefits. 

 See some of our listings from previous satisfied Kamloops home sellers.

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