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They’ll arrange showings, set up negotiations with the seller’s agent, and even pick you up from the airport.

It’s the kind of pitch a real estate agent might make.

But no – this is the work of an unlicensed foreign agent working in B.C.

Unlicensed brokerThe man on the phone is cheery and confident, with the practised ease of someone accustomed to calming anxiety.

There is no need to worry, he says. Buying a home in Vancouver is simple. His company will dispatch people to the airport, then guide an inexperienced buyer through the entire process. No other company will be involved, he promises. “If you go to look at a house, our headquarters staff will take care of you,” he says.

His colleagues will come every day to arrange showings and, when a suitable home

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Foreclosure in KamloopsOften real estate investors look at purchasing foreclosed homes in Canada.

Are there really deals to be had? What if you plan to renovate and flip it?

A foreclosure is the legal process that takes place when a homeowner can no longer pay his or her mortgage. The bank or lender seeks to recoup monies owed by selling the property, wherein, the borrower loses any financial interest in the property.

The foreclosure system in Canada does not create the extravagant deals that the system in the US does. Although “deals” can be found, it is mostly on properties that have very little interest from buyers. In Canada, each province has its own system, as well, which makes the process of buying a foreclosed home more complex for buyers. For instance, in BC,

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Canadian winterOften, during the winter, the weather seems to freeze the logic portion of some people’s brains as they head south to thaw their bodies. (Sorry, if that is a little harsh, but sadly it’s true). Given that winter weather comes to this country at different times, I thought this was a great time to start thinking about it. We land in these little warm retreats and begin to fantasize about “owning a piece of paradise.” That is when the justifications begin and as we all know humans can find a way to justify anything they really want in their life.

Canadians Have Targets on Their Backs

Sales teams know Canadians begin to make desperate decisions as winter closes in and feels like it may never end. Sure, a piece of tropical or recreational paradise may

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Canadian Real Estate PolicyHousing policy is being created for the whole country based on markets in Toronto and Vancouver

They are Canada’s two hottest housing markets, and even some in the real industry don’t question the need to cool prices in both Toronto and Vancouver, but that opinion changes once you get beyond the orbit of those two cities.

There is almost a sense of bewilderment in places like Halifax and Edmonton or Montreal, where people wonder what overheated housing market anyone is talking about, because it’s not happening in their jurisdiction. DBRS Inc. said this week that from July 2015, to July 2016 prices across the country are almost flat once British Columbia and Ontario are excluded.

“It’s raining in Vancouver, but first-time home buyers need an

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Canadian MortgageTo most Canadians, buying a property is a daunting task in itself. But what about securing a mortgage? 

What factors are taken into consideration by lenders and underwriters that can make or break the loan?  Obviously, credit is a major decider in the equation, but what exactly goes into deciding credit worthiness?  What most Canadians aren’t aware of is that credit is not just a score or an ability to make payments on time. Credit is actually composed of a few different categories known as the five C's of credit.

The 5 C's of credit consists of: Credit, Capacity, Capital, Character & Collateral.

1. Credit shows the lender a snapshot of what the borrower’s repayment history has been over a period of time. This is the only way a lender can predict

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Kamloops home sellers mistakesSome common sense tips to make sure your home sells

You can always find tips and tricks for selling your home, but what do you need to know to avoid making a mistake? Here’s eight ways you squash a good house sale and how to avoid making these mistakes.

Number 1: Bad photos

If the online photos of your house are dim, blurry, taken at odd angles or of odd rooms, don’t be surprised if you get fewer than expected appointments to view your home for sale. According to recent stats, 91% of all buyers start their home search on the Internet—and the vast majority of those buyers will pass over a listing with bad photos (even if it meets all their criteria on paper!). In fact, there have been times when I’ve had to convince a buyer to give a listing a

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Well 2016 is three quarters over, that was fast.

For people who happen to be planning on purchasing a house in the last part of 2016 or early 2017 there is a great deal to look forward to. Why?


A number of factors this year have dovetailed to make this an ideal time for home buyers to get out there and make a (winning) offer and finally allow them to buy a house in Kamloops. Here are six house-purchasing factors to be grateful for:

Reason No. 1: Interest rates are still at record lows

http://investorwize.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Reasons-Why-You-Should-Buy-a-House-This-Year.jpgWhile they might creep up, it is nevertheless true that interest rates on home loans are at historical lows, you only need to read the news and speak to a lender to confirm this.

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Latest NewsThere are new changes that are going into effect this month surrounding Mortgage Guidelines in Canada.

A major shift in mortgage rules announced by the federal government this week will drive up rates for consumers and cut competition in the lending sector, say some in the industry.

The Liberal government has announced sweeping changes aimed at ensuring Canadians aren’t taking on bigger mortgages than they can afford in an era of historically low interest rates.

Mortgage expert Robert McLister says Ottawa is cracking the housing market with a “sledgehammer.”

He predicts consumers will bear the brunt of the blow and that housing prices will tumble because a “sizable minority” of first-time and high-ratio buyers will no longer qualify for the

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Who pays what in real estateBuying a piece of property is not a simple transaction, and buyers are often surprised by the number of parties involved, who of course, all need to be paid. 

But how is it determined who pays for what?  What is a seller expense and what is paid by the buyer? 

Inspections and Reports

It is generally up to the buyer to pay for a general home inspection and any other more specialized inspections such a roof, plumbing, or electrical inspection. If there is a well or septic system on the property it is generally up to the buyer to have those systems inspected and and to do a water test.  On a large property the buyer may also want a survey that marks the corners of the lot.  This may or may not be paid by the seller.  The allocation of costs for

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Finance minister announces new “stress test” on applicants for all insured mortgages, which will “take lots of people out of the housing market,” according to local mortgage expert

Canadians applying for a mortgage that requires CMHC insurance will have to qualify under higher interest rates under a new “stress test” announced October 3 by federal finance minister Bill Morneau.

The tougher mortgage rules were announced as part of a wider series of "preventative measures" aimed at “ensuring the long-term stability of the market” and reducing risk, according to Morneau.

Under the proposed new mortgage qualification rules, the current “stress test” that currently applies to some insured, variable-rate mortgages and insured mortgages with terms of

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