February 2018

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Kamloops property valuesHow to put your home on the market and attract buyers

So you're interested in selling? Want to know how much your home is worth?

In today's highly competitive real estate market, pricing your home right is critical. When you request your CMA, you receive a comprehensive market analysis based on comparable recently sold homes with similar features and conditions in your area. By filling out an on-line price evaluation you might not get the results you are seeking.

Everyone has heard of “comps” but what are they, exactly? A look at the sale prices of other homes in the neighborhood is just the start. There can be value differences for location within the same neighborhood. Sure, sometimes they’re subtle, but an agent who knows the area well will

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Know your rental rightsAs a tenant, do you know who is responsible for damage done to the property you are renting?

The BC Residential Tenancy Act says that the landlord must make sure that the property is “suitable for occupation,” while the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act similarly dictates that the unit be in “good state of repair and fit for habitation.” This means that landlords are responsible for the repair of the unit, including such things:

  • Electrical systems;
  • Plumbing systems;
  • Heating systems;
  • Door locks; and,
  • Structural items such as, ceilings, floors and walls.

Landlords are also responsible to repair anything else that may be included in the rent, such as:

  • Furniture;
  • Appliances; and,
  • Outbuildings such as garages or sheds.
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CMHC housing comitteeCanada’s federal housing agency says new mortgage rules intended to cool hot markets are “working better than hoped.” However, housing markets remain out of balance with recent price spikes driven by large single family homes at the expense of much needed rental stock, Evan Siddall, CEO of Canada Housing and Mortgage Corp.

“I think the evidence shows that worked out a little better than we hoped,” said Siddall. “People either bought smaller houses or found another way to find a down payment and that’s okay. We were worried about the strong housing market taking money out of the productive economy – out of business investment, and I think mission accomplished.”

Siddall acknowledged the new guidelines, known as B20, are keeping many young people out

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Kamloops Real Estate NewsA new B.C. “dual agency” rule banning real estate agents from working with both the buyer and seller of a property are so complex and onerous it will result in frustrated consumers and a blizzard of useless paperwork when it comes into force March 15, according to real estate agents.

The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate announced B.C.’s new real estate consumer protection rules last November, but real estate agents say there has not been enough time to understand the shifting regulations or how they will be interpreted.

“We will not even have the forms until March,” said Damian Stathonikos, director of communications and public affairs at the BC Real Estate Association (BCREA). About five per cent of residential real estate

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