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Kamloops Home Buyers are onlineThe internet has changed the way we buy and sell our homes.  

If you're ready to sell your home, here are some things you should understand about today's buyers.

Today's Home Buyers are Informed 

The internet has made it easy to access information about the real estate market.  Home Buyers can and will find out what you paid for your home and when you bought it.  They will know what similar homes have sold for.  With so much information at their fingertips, they will avoid your home if you over-price it.     

Don't Rely on Computer Generated Home Values When Pricing Your Home

Why choose a Realtor

Buyers are likely to check the online estimates of your home's value.  Unfortunately, the information they are viewing isn't always accurate, the market changes

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BRitish Columbia House PricesIt’s not just Vancouver residents who are angry and frustrated about increasingly out-of-control housing costs, says an NDP MLA leading the charge on the issue.

The much bigger scope of the problem will be obvious, David Eby says, when people come out to B.C. housing forums he’s organizing for Victoria, Maple Ridge, Surrey and elsewhere that are similar to the one held in Vancouver this week.

“This is a regionwide affordability crisis we’re facing,” said Mr. Eby, whose event for his Vancouver-Point Grey riding Wednesday drew about 600 residents concerned about everything from the lack of rentals to money laundering that is allowing foreign speculators to drive up local housing costs.

“It’s the number one issue in Metro,” he said.

NDP Leader

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Selling your Kamloops homeSelling your home is not only a big decision financially, but also emotionally.

Your home is no longer the bricks, drywall, and hardwood floors you fell in love with when you bought it. You have tackled some of life’s many milestones and made memories inside the house you now call a home. Whether you have simply grown out of the house, are choosing to downsize, or you’re looking for a new location, there are many factors that may influence your decision to sell your house. Currently (1st half 2016) we are in a sellers market, inventory of homes is low and interest rates are as low!

Check your Finances: Do some research to determine the payoff amount of your loan so you can determine what your sales proceeds will be after you have paid off your

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The rental market is booming.

Kamloops Rental PropertyRenters are turning to extended leases as a cost-effective alternative to save for their future home purchases. Plus, with the current crazy increases in property values in Vancouver and Toronto that are creating more and more renters on the market. The high demand for rentals yields increased profits for rental property owners who can charge higher rents. As always a local real estate agent will help you with your decisions and make the search for the right property easier.

Considering entering the property management industry? Use these 10 tips to get started.

Invest Long-Term

View purchasing a rental property as a long-term investment. A short stint in the property management industry is not likely to generate

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Kamloops home for sale as-isWhat is the Purpose of Selling A House As Is

A lot of people are not familiar with selling a house as is. They don’t know what the term means. They don’t know the process behind it. They don’t understand the purpose of it.

Selling a house as is can turn out to be a problem solver. Let’s first define what it means and then discuss a couple of reasons as to why people sell their house as is.

Homeowners usually resort to selling a house as is when they don’t want to deal with the hassles and cost of fixing up a house. Essentially, this lets all buyers know that you are not willing to fix anything or lower the price for repairs.

You might have been given an old house from a relative in their will and don’t want the added stress of taking care of

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Home buyers checklist..Once you decide that you’re ready for home ownership, develop a home buying checklist.

The list should be wants and needs to help your realtor find your dream home. Buying a house brings up many questions and ideas of what’s important.

Which Neighborhood?

Choosing a home isn’t just about selecting or building your dream house, it’s also about finding the right neighborhood for you.

Things to consider when choosing your neighborhood:

  • Do you want to be in a family neighborhood?
  • Do you want to be near a playground?
  • Do you want to be close to your child’s school?
  • Do you want to bike along the lake?
  • Do you want to be close to public transportation?
  • Do you want entertainment within reach?
  • Do you have easy access to loved
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More women are buying their own homesSingle in 21st century is not a stigma; it’s a sign of independence. Women nowadays are their own bosses. They take leading positions and are in control of their own lives. So, why wait for “Mr. Perfect” to come around in order to buy a home? This is a big step that may appear challenging for a single person at the beginning. But it’s not impossible!

Can you buy on your own? Should you? This single woman’s guide to buying a new home will help you determine if you are ready. Here is how smart girls do it.

Planning to buy a home

Buying a home is an overwhelming experience, especially when you do it alone. List all the important issues and activities related to your new purchase. Schedule a time to search for homes, to meet with real estate agents,

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5 Tips To Sell A Home In Any Real Estate Market

Tips to sell your Kamloops homeSelling a home is all about being prepared to hit the market. An educated home seller is one who stands a far better chance of being successful than someone who is just flying by the seat of their pants. There is no question that selling a home can be a stressful event. If you are well prepared however, the stress level can be far more manageable.

Before even considering listing your home for sale you should have a clear understanding of your goals. Are you moving for a job? Have your outgrown your home? Is it a desire to have your kids in a better school system? Maybe you just want a lifestyle change? Whatever the reason you have for moving, you want to make sure you are well versed for what lies

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Rent or buy in Kamloops? That is the questionShould you rent or buy?

Conventional wisdom suggests it’s a no-brainer – buying real estate is a worthwhile investment with a high return.

Despite record low interest rates,  the sky high prices and carrying costs are causing many to rethink the allure of home ownership.


When you factor in the costs of repair, maintenance and other expenses associated with owning a home, Toronto-based financial planner Shannon Simmons argues that renting and putting saved money into another investment may earn more in the long run.

If you filled in a  questionnaire asking where you see yourself in 10 years, many would answer “buying/owning a house. Do you really care if you buy a house, but think you should? Lets look at both sides of the argument and

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No one gets married expecting divorce – yet it happens to many people all the same.

Selling a home in through divorce in KamloopsThe relationship between you and your spouse has ended and you need to move on. When you own a house together, this can create some real difficulties. You need to get your house sold so you can split the money and put an end to that part of your life.

When this situation arises, you need a real estate agent that is sensitive to the circumstance you find yourself in and that can effectively move your home no matter what the market looks like currently. You need a teammate that can sell your house now. Hiring a Realtor while going through divorce is an important consideration especially when the marital home is one of your largest assets.

How to pick a real estate

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