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Every BritisKamloops first time home buyerh Columbian deserves a place to call home. That is why we are taking action to control the cost of housing, increase access to affordable rental units, and help families make their dream of homeownership come true.

What is the Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (HOME) Partnership?

From middle class families to young professionals, first-time home buyers are looking to invest in a secure and stable future.

For many British Columbians dreaming of buying their first home, the hardest step is saving for a down payment. That is why the Province is Kamloops BCpartnering with British Columbians to help make that dream come true, through the B.C. Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (HOME) Partnership program.

Through the B.C. HOME Partnership program, the

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Kamloops communitiesSo you’re looking to buy a new house – and pouring over all of the great real estate offerings in the Kamloops Area

Each property slideshow conjures images of a new era of domestic bliss in your mind. It’s an exciting time, full of possibilities. But while you’re envisioning yourself in that new place, don’t forget to consider the big picture. You’ll be calling a new neighbourhood “home” too.

It’s not merely a question of “good neighbourhoods” and “bad neighbourhoods”. What you want, ideally, is a neighbourhood that offers the specific qualities required to enrich your life (both now and during the years to come). Those requirements will vary greatly from homebuyer to homebuyer, and you’ll want to sit down and create a personalized list of make or

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Kamloops family homeAs many Baby Boomers near retirement age, the stage is set for social shifts nearly as dramatic as the ones that shaped the 1960s – shifts that are already affecting housing patterns. People in their late 50s and 60s will be asking themselves important questions about the suitability of their living situations to changed professional, personal and financial circumstances – and the current market offers a number of intriguing possible answers to those questions.

Of course, one of the wonderful things about home ownership is the way we become attached to the places wWhy choose a Realtore own, especially when we’ve raised our children in them. In some cases, that attachment will trump any other considerations. However, those other considerations can be very persuasive,

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Pros and cons of FSBO (For sale by owner)If you look online you will find tons of articles supporting both FSBO and Realtor supported real estate transactions.

The real answer to the undying question of whether you should use a Realtor to sell your home or if you should go it alone, is really up to each individual seller. There are pros and cons of both processes, most involving money, but to say one is better than the other can be kind of difficult depending on what criteria you hold most important. If cost is your main concern and you have the relative experiences needed to negotiate, write a contract, and perform all the legalities of such, then by all means, you may find doing a FSBO more beneficial.

Cons of For Sale By Owner

Price your Kamloops home correctlyIf time, security, expertise, and ease are more important

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Clean your Kamloops homeMoving into a new house involves a lot of things

From supervising the final touches and buying new fittings to hunting the right moving company to help with relocation, one is likely to feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, your house doesn’t feel like home not until you have given it a thorough cleaning. If you are wondering where to begin or how to go about it, this cleaning guide for new home owners has all the answers you need

1. Clean before you unpack

First of all, it is a good idea to do your cleaning before you begin unpacking. In an empty house, you have enough space to conduct proper cleaning of places that would be difficult to reach when items are already arranged. For instance, you can take care of the closet effectively when it has no

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Kamloops First Time BuyersHave you been pre-approved for a mortgage?

Have you started looking for your starter home and or your dream home? Maybe you are wondering what you need to know and what you should do before you begin checking out open houses.

We’ve already covered the timeline to possession in a previous blog but we thought it would be beneficial to understand house hunting etiquette in order to best understand the viewing process and in order to best utilize your time.

1) Show up on time:

We get it, life happens. No problem. If you are running you late call ahead and let your agent know you will be late. This is good etiquette for any situation in which you might be late. They might have other showings after you that they need to move back a little but to

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Moving in Kamloops BCLife has a funny way of changing

When you buy your first home it could be that you bought it as a forever home but as life moves on things change. Jobs, kids and a multitude of other things can happen. Lets face it moving is not the most of relaxing life events (rated the third most stressful life event) and added to that the stress of selling makes for a difficult time. Then there are other factors that can effect the process, weather, seasonal issues, so If you are contemplating listing your home, here are a few tips you may find helpful:


Even before your realtor sets an eye on your home - and at least a month prior to listing (make that two months if you still have VHS tapes) - confront your basement and open your

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Kamloops First Time Home BuyerIf you have bought a house before you are most likely aware of the steps required to get pre-approved, approved, compile a deposit and the many other steps that fall into buying a home. However, if this is the first time you are buying a home you might not know where to start.

Rest Assured, I am here to help! I want to ease you through the guess work of home ownership and take off the stress of the unknown.

Let me help you get ready to buy your first home. All of the times suggested are of course dependent upon the market, time of year etc. so don't use them as a hard and fast rule.

Step One – Getting started

Timeline = 1 - 3 weeks

Sounds easy enough but there are a few steps that are required from you before you can walk into your

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Kamloops House HuntingThere’s an undeniable thrill in house hunting

After all, for most of us, a home is the most expensive and important thing we’ll ever buy. Chances are, your search will turn up a lot of properties that don’t fit into your plans at all, so the excitement of finding a potentially suitable place in your sights can certainly be overwhelming.  It’s got enough rooms, the neighbourhood seems nice, and it’s in your price range. Where do you sign – right?

Well, perhaps it is the Shangri-La it seems to be – but there’s no harm in pinching yourself a few times to make sure your dream home isn’t just a mirage. By asking a few tough questions now, you can ensure the right answers down the road.

Here are 5 ways to make sure the house you are considering has

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Fix up your Kamloops homeImagine walking up to a home that you are considering buying; The first thing you notice is that the roof shingles are curling. Then you walk up to the door and notice the paint on the front door is chipped and peeling. What kind of first impression would you have of this home?

I am commonly asked by my seller clients if they should put the time, effort and most importantly money into their home or to simply price it well and sell it as is. I decided to write this post to help sellers easily make the decision to fix or to not fix.  Most times a small investment on your part will result in a quicker sale, more positive feedback and hopefully an great offer (or maybe even multiple offers if you’re lucky!)

Obviously, there are few people who wish to

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