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Paint the frontHere are Some Fabulous ‘home Upgrades On A Budget’ Ideas You Need To Try Out

1. Paint the Door

Create a striking first impression by either changing the front door altogether or repainting it. An additional coat of paints for the other doors in the house would also not hurt much. Change all the handles, door knobs and hinges. These are easy and inexpensive changes that would make a radical transformation to the way your house looks.

2. Change the Backsplash

Kitchen tiles tend to become dirty and dull pretty soon, spoiling the entire look of the kitchen in the process. So opt to change at least the backsplash to make your kitchen look cleaner and more inviting. Tiles can be expensive, so opt for alternatives like wooden beadboards, tin ceiling

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New home builder upgradesNew home builders make money by selling upgrades.

Usually, if you get all the builder upgrades, you can easily double the price of your home or more. This article will explain which upgrades are best to purchase from the builder and which can be done at a later date.

Upgrading your lot to a larger lot or a more preferred location is a great upgrade to purchase since you generally cannot change your home's location in the future.

Structural changes are also good to upgrade before the home is built. Adding an additional garage, an extra bathroom, or a covered back porch are usually more difficult and costly after the home is built.

Electrical and Plumbing
Electrical or plumbing additions or changes are good to upgrade before a home

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Whats my Kamloops home worthIt’s safe to say we all know what would hinder us from buying a home.

If we were to harness those ideas and think about what would prevent us from buying a house, we can begin to make a list of what will factor into the resale value of our own homes. The resale value of a home is the amount the home is worth to potential buyers if you were to place your house on the market. Some factors influencing resale value are beyond a homeowner’s control and the factors also vary greatly from one consumer to the next. As you discuss your home’s resale value with your Realtor, it is important to remember it is time to put your best foot forward. The following are a list of general, and valuable, factors that play into the worth of your home. 

 Size and

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Kamloops Home InspectionIf you decide to have a home inspection, the major components of the home will be visually inspected and in some cases, tested by a trained professional.

You will receive a written report outlining details about the home and the inspection results. Com­ponents inspected generally include the roof, heating unit, plumbing, electrical system, structure, foundation, major appliances and much more.

A Great Tool For Buyers And Sellers

The question of whether or not to have an inspection should actually not be a question at all. One of the most common com­plaints against home sellers is in the area of condition, specifically disclosure of the condition. A home inspection is a valuable tool in deter­mining and disclosing condition to both buyer and

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Realtor or FSBO?The idea behind not using a real estate agent in the purchase and sale of a home is a simple one, to save yourself some money.

By Andrea Swiedler. Real Estate Agent with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties Licensed in Connecticut

I get that.  Buyers think they will save money on the price of the home, sellers will save at least half the commission amount. (Many do offer a commission to a buyer's agent.)


Now we are talking! Part of my job as a real estate agent is to know what my seller is selling, and what my buyer is buying. This includes data from the town hall such as property taxes, building department information, health department information and more. I make sure

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Kamloops assumable mortgageAn assumable mortgage is, simply put, one that the lender will allow another borrower to take over or “assume” without changing any of the terms of the mortgage.

For example, say you purchased a property for $200,000 with a mortgage of $150,000 and $50,000 of your own money. If part way through the mortgage term you decide you’d like to sell the home, you would have the option of essentially selling the mortgage as well. The person who buys the home from you could take over the balance of the mortgage and the associated payments and give you cash for the remainder of the value of the home. So, if your mortgage balance is now $140,000 and the home is now valued at $210,000, a buyer who is assuming the mortgage would need to pay you, the seller,

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Investment Property Kamloops BCIs being a real estate investor and being a landlord the same thing?

Or are they two completely different roles? Knowing the distinctions is incredibly important and can make all the difference in getting what you really want out of real estate.

We are all more than aware of the need to invest. Owning rental properties is a way to invest in real estate and build wealth. But becoming a hands-on landlord can be distinctly different than pure investing for a number of very important reasons.

Being a hands-on landlord can be great. It can be therapeutic, rewarding, and a major upgrade from many people’s last job. Just make sure you know the difference BEFORE you get in. As we know, it’s always easy to get in than out.

A Mindset Difference

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Kamloops Home RenovationsNever forget the simple rule that cost does not equal value with home improvements.

In fact, this may be the single most difficult point for both home sellers and home buyers to understand. It resonates not only with real estate but with everything from a bottle of wine to cars to clothes. Everyone has a different definition of “value” and what they are willing to pay for it.

Home sellers often have a biased view of what they’re home might bring if offered for sale. When these opinions are expressed, “upgrades” are almost always referenced. “I upgraded the carpet, the fixtures, the HVAC, the faucets….” is a consistent refrain. But how much of that “upgraded” item is recovered? Paying an extra $10,000 for “upgraded” roof shingles or $5,000 for a high

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Best Kamloops RealtorA buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, not the seller.

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest single investment we’re likely to make – we are only likely to do it maybe once or twice in a lifetime. The process is, by nature, filled with checks and balances – and many complex details. Traditionally, agents were legally obligated to protect the interests of the home seller. Today preferences are changing. One of these changes is that more homebuyers are choosing to have their own real estate agent, known as a buyer's agent, to legally represent them

A buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, not the seller, and has full fiduciary duties, including loyalty to you. By definition, the buyer’s agent has your best interests in mind throughout the

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Kamloops Listing agent and buyers agentIf it makes you feel any better people often don't really know the difference between a listing agent and a selling agent, either.

Why should they? Why should anybody know except those of us in the real estate business? At least you'll know which agent does what in a deal and you will sound far more intelligent about the crazy business of real estate, that's why. Plus, you'll know what to call the respective agents in a transaction, and that piece of knowledge should provide you with a bit of confidence as you finagle your way to buying or selling a home.

The Listing Agent

Listing agents come in all flavors, sizes and shape. A listing agent typically represents the seller. There are a few instances in which a listing agent might accept a flat

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