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Search for Kamloops Real Estate onlineHouse hunting is challenging enough at any time

Shopping during a seller's market is a whole additional difficulty level—and that's what would-be buyers are seeing across the country. The supply of homes is low, demand is high, and sellers are in control. If you’re not careful, you'll be left drying your eyes with the broken shards of your rejected bid. Sound painful? It is.

So you'd best bring your A-game, or don't bother showing up at all. Check out the seller's market survival tips below to stand out from the competition and get the edge.

Know the signs

Even though you may hear you're in a seller's market, where's the proof? While the market always varies you can watch for these two red flags:

  • Houses are selling for more than asking
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Kamloops home for saleThese days, knowing how to sell a house isn't as simple as sticking a "For Sale" sign on your lawn.

Times have changed—and the good news is the market is currently in your favor. It’s undeniably a seller’s market. In other words, buyers are demanding homes, but there isn't much inventory on the market. Plus, half of home buyers are worried about future rising interest rates and looking to lock into a home soon. As a result, there is pressure on buyers to submit offers quickly, and to offer full or even above list price.

All of this puts sellers squarely in the driver's seat—which can be a lot of pressure if your GPS is broken and you don't know how to navigate this new world. Consider this your crash course in getting up to speed.

Rule No. 1:

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Why choose a RealtorWhen buying or selling a home, using the skilled services of an experienced real estate agent is often preferred.

A good Realtor® is sort of like your own personal Yoda—someone you can trust with your most pressing questions and biggest decisions, guiding you safely toward your destiny (of a brand new home!).

A Realtor may have profound knowledge of the local market, excellent negotiation skills, and other benefits that can serve you well throughout the transaction. Many people are friends with agents, and others may have a close relative in the area who has a real estate license. As you begin selecting a real estate agent to hire for assistance with your upcoming transaction, you may be wondering if you should hire a friend or family member to help

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