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Wondeful show suite homeThis is it! This is where I want to live. I'm home suite home. Why? Because this master suite is perfect. It's sweeter than all the other suites.

Just look at the cove ceilings, the quarter sawn oak floors, the fabulous panelled and architecturally detailed wall treatments. It is gorgeous, clean, organized, but warm and inviting. The antique glass doors are sensational. There are curved walls and niches designed for display.

And in the bathroom are sleek and sophisticated tiles and sconces. The floors are heated so that I can step out of a piping hot shower and still be oblivious to -15C weather outside. Not to mention, it looks like hardwood but is actually grey textured porcelain. But back to that shower; it looks divine - a glass steam shower with

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Great KitchenWe all know that the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home and, as one of the most important rooms in the house, it needs careful planning if you’re to ensure that it both looks good and functions as it needs to. So, if you’re planning a kitchen makeover, here are five stylish and practical kitchen makeover tips to make sure that you get the best out of your space:

  • Select your style

There are so many styles of kitchen cupboards, tiles, floor surfaces, backsplashes and appliances on the market at the moment so, before you embark on a kitchen makeover, think about what you want the end result to look like. It’s time to get creative, and consider the different colors and textures that you can incorporate into your kitchen, which

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After years of making a house a home it becomes full of memories and emotions — not to mention stuff — which are not the features buyers are interested in when a homeowner decides to put the property on the market.

Home Staging TipsAs home buyers have become more savvy with regard to what they can get for their money, staging has increased in popularity, helping homeowners to not only sell their home quickly but also to get top dollar.

"Because homeowners are attached to their homes there is so much emotion attached to it," said Tracey Jones, owner of Victoria's ReMarkable ReDesign Styling and Staging.

"We come in as fresh eyes. We're not attached to a homeowners' belongings. Homeowners become blind to their own surroundings."

Jones began her business in 2007

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KAMLOOPS - A part of Kamloops’ history is up for sale with the promise of future development opportunities.

Kamloops Tranquille on the lakeTranquille on the Lake is the most recent development property to hit the real estate market — a 150-year-old location best known as the former provincial tuberculosis centre, which later became an institution for the mentally ill.

While close to 50 buildings remain on the property its primary use has been agricultural, but Colliers International Broker Chad Biafore says the possibilities are endless.

“Nobody likes change, but I think it would be great for Kamloops if someone developed this property and put in homes,” he says. “There’s opportunities for people to live out here and grow

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How can you make money from your home?

Interesting article from the United Kingdom.

Make some cashIn simpler times, people threw Tupperware parties or took in lodgers. Now they run pop-up supper clubs or rent out spare rooms on Airbnb. Some do it for fun - there’s nothing like cooking for strangers or doing a bit of towel art on Egyptian cotton duvets - but most people do it for the money.

There is a growing sense that home is not just an appreciating asset, but a means to make ends meet, part of the global “sharing economy” that allows us to trade our private spaces as easily as selling collectables on eBay.

But first you need the right house: with an eye on income potential, you might look for extra guest rooms with en suite bathrooms, outhouses (perfect

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Secondary suites are a form of rental housing that is typically affordable, ground-oriented and market-based.

Basement suiteSecondary suites, a common feature of larger, older homes in several Canadian municipalities, have been in existence for many years but became illegal in some jurisdictions when zoning bylaws set stringent requirements for the type of housing that could be accommodated in low-density areas. Since the 1980s, secondary suites have been recognized by policy makers as one of the most cost-effective ways of providing affordable rental housing and are an important part of the Canadian housing stock, especially in urban areas. Secondary suites make up close to a fifth of the rental stock in Vancouver and Edmonton. They are also an important source of

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Before embarking on an expensive move, consider renovating instead?

Buy or renovate your Kamloops homeMove to a larger, more suitable home in your neighbourhood or stay put and renovate what you have? Finish the basement or build an addition? And most importantly, what would each scenario cost?

There are many Canadian's faced with the choice between moving or improving to increase usable square footage. Back in 2012, Canada Post released numbers indicating that of the 850,000 people who changed addresses, 37% moved to upgrade their home for family reasons. More recently, Altus Group measured the boom in Canadian residential home renovation spending, valuing it at $68 billion in 2014, roughly $20 billion more than what was spent on new builds.

Families grow, possessions multiply,

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Kamloops House For RentRenting property can be a lucrative way to make money but make sure you know the rules..

In Toronto, in 2012, apartments rented for approximately $25 to $35 per square meter, and in Montreal, $21 to $28 per square meter, according to Global Property Guide. However, rental income can also be as simple as renting the spare room in your personal residence. “Even if you’re renting your basement apartment to a student, this is considered rental income, and it must be declared,” Caroline Thompson, president of Thompson Accounting and Tax Inc., explains. “However, you don’t need to charge the goods and services tax. It only applies to commercial property.”

Share of Ownership

Before you can determine how much of the rental income to declare, you need

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Prices may see minimal impact due to the narrow reach of new rules

How much downpaymentTORONTO – Homebuyers in Canada now face larger down payment requirements for properties over $500,000. The changes are intended to temper some of Canada’s heated real estate markets. Here are five things to know about the new rules:

Who’s affected: Primarily those shopping for a home in Toronto and Vancouver. First-time buyers in those cities will feel the pinch since they’ll be required to put down bigger down payments to get into the market. Those selling their homes in order to size up, especially in cities with hot housing markets, likely won’t feel the pain since they’ve built up equity in those properties.

Dollars and cents: For someone purchasing a $700,000 home — a common

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Hardwood flooring has been around forever, in both cottages and castles.

Hardwood FloorsWhether rough, hand-hewn planks, or elaborately laid parquet, wood has always been dependable as a durable surface with a host of other benefits. Today’s modern hardwood flooring maintains its durability, is easier than ever to care for, and is available to enhance every architectural and decorating scheme.

See the article on our Blog that lists the Top20 keywords for listing a house in Canada

If you’ve bought a house without wood floors, or are refurbishing a home you’ve lived in for years with carpeting or other flooring that has seen better days, it’s time to consider hardwood. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Durability

Real wood lasts for lifetimes. If a plank is

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