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Interview your Kamloops RealtorThings You Should Know Before You Sign an Agreement

Buying or selling real estate in Kamloops its best to get a great Realtor.

Smart consumers will interview several potential real estate agents before they settle on which one they want to work with, and good agents are selective about their clients, too. Just as you're sizing up a good fit, the real estate agent will likely be interviewing you as well. Be wary of agents who don't ask you questions and probe for your motivation. 

The interview stage of the relationship is important for everyone involved. You can interview the agent over the phone, or get together at their office for the first meeting. Even a top-producing agent will be prepared to meet you at your home to help you make your

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Pros and cons of FSBO (For sale by owner)If you look online you will find tons of articles supporting both FSBO and Realtor supported real estate transactions.

The real answer to the undying question of whether you should use a Realtor to sell your home or if you should go it alone, is really up to each individual seller. There are pros and cons of both processes, most involving money, but to say one is better than the other can be kind of difficult depending on what criteria you hold most important. If cost is your main concern and you have the relative experiences needed to negotiate, write a contract, and perform all the legalities of such, then by all means, you may find doing a FSBO more beneficial.

Cons of For Sale By Owner

Price your Kamloops home correctlyIf time, security, expertise, and ease are more important

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Low Housing InventoryIf you’re like many Canadians, you may still have a perspective of the real estate market influenced by media coverage of the 2008 crisis. However, real estate is always subject to cycles, especially around growing and expanding communities like Kamloops. The reality is this area is now facing a looming shortage of housing inventory. If your a buyer moving to the area it is key to find a local experienced realtor who can get you up to speed on your knowledge of Kamloops real estate market, its not all doom and gloom as we show in this article. IF you are a seller then the local "know-how" of a realtor is key in getting your house listed at the correct price with the best exposure possible.

From the Bank of Canada to local real estate firms, the level

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Best Kamloops RealtorA buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, not the seller.

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest single investment we’re likely to make – we are only likely to do it maybe once or twice in a lifetime. The process is, by nature, filled with checks and balances – and many complex details. Traditionally, agents were legally obligated to protect the interests of the home seller. Today preferences are changing. One of these changes is that more homebuyers are choosing to have their own real estate agent, known as a buyer's agent, to legally represent them

A buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, not the seller, and has full fiduciary duties, including loyalty to you. By definition, the buyer’s agent has your best interests in mind throughout the

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Rental IncomeThere are quite a number of variables to consider when purchasing a residential income property.

You’ll likely want to eventually engage with a real estate agent, but prior to doing so it is important to conduct as much research as possible. Remember to approach the purchase with an unbiased attitude and evaluate your options based on factual information.
Here’s a look at some of the top variables to consider when evaluating potential properties.
1. Economic outlook. Locations that are seeing employment growth will typically have more people moving to the area – this should also increase the potential renter pool. Conversely, locations that don’t offer as much employment opportunity or have/will see large employers leaving town, will often

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Kamloops homes for saleSo you are going to sell your Kamloops home.

Obviously you need get the maximum price possible for your home. so what’s the best tactic for getting multiple offers?

The market in Kamloops continues to be a sellers market (low inventory is still an issue right now) and will continue until one of the market variables changes. How to work with listing agents in Kamloops

So how do you, the seller, make sure you are able to make the most amount of money possible from the market conditions? Creating demand is a fundamental aspect of attaining multiple offers while selling Kamloops real estate, and there are many ways to do so and a pretty specific path to follow. Your Realtor will discuss each of the options with you and give you the ones to do for

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Strats fees - HOw muchCondo living definitely has its perks. You can take advantage of amazing locations in the heart of urban centres close to public transportation. You can be a part of a community and you don’t have to spend your days doing yard work or home maintenance. But, best of all, you can enjoy convenient amenities like fitness centres, party lounges and pools, all at your doorstep. Sounds great, but how does this affect your bottom line? When purchasing a condo you want to consider your monthly strata fee.

What are strata fees and how are they determined?

Your monthly strata fee is money that’s used by the strata corporation to pay the common expenses of the development. Your individual fee is assessed by taking the total cost of the strata’s expenses and

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Fixed rate Vs Variable rate mortgageThe gap between variable rate mortgage and fixed rate mortgage products has narrowed in recent years. And while fixed rate mortgages are starting to rise they offer certainty in a monthly payment. On the flip-side, variable rate mortgages remain low, but are the riskier of the two choices – so how do you choose?   Your income, lifestyle and risk tolerance will weigh heavily on your decision and will inevitably determine which product suits your circumstance.   Risk versus reward   The appeal of variable rate mortgages (also called adjustable rate mortgages) is that the interest rate is typically lower than that of fixed rate mortgage products. However, the main drawback is the risk involved. Without warning, interest rates could increase…
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What is a mortgage..Sometimes concepts in the finance world can be tricky. We get so caught up in trying to understand what all the offerings are that we forget to understand the simple things. When is the last time that someone said what a mortgage really is? Or explained why I can only buy a home for $350,000.00. We all have questions in the back of our minds that we don't articulate because we are just too embarrassed. Here are the top five things you are afraid to ask.


1. What is a mortgage?

A simple enough question but not one that people seem ready to admit to . A mortgage is a loan secured by real property, commonly referred to as real estate. In essence it is a contract that includes rights and obligations of both parties. The term actually comes from a

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WHats my home worthI’ve seldom been on a Listing Appointment, where the seller is thrilled to hear the truth about where their home should be priced. There’s a reason for that, and that’s because sellers have an EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT in their homes and it pains them to hear the FACTS about today’s market!

What many sellers don’t realize is that neither Sellers or Realtor's set prices. The MARKETPLACE determines the price of homes, and that is true for just about any commodity that’s for sale. And who determines the market are the BUYERS! Perhaps the most challenging aspect of selling a home is listing it at the correct price. It’s one of several areas where the assistance of a skilled real estate agent can more than pay for itself.

THe rightprice for your homeToo high can be as bad as too low. If

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